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Managing Your Time

In March of 2020, all residents of New York City were directed to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Managing Your Time was created to help clients in a psychiatric continuing day treatment program gain control over their use of time now that the program transition to Telehealth to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The program consisted of 3 1-hour web-based sessions. The sessions included clients evaluating themselves using the Assessment of Time Management Skills (ATMS), psychoeducation and goal setting related to understanding their personal circadian rhythm and how to use this knowledge to balance their daily activities.

Client comments:

“I learned to balance my schedule more effectively, after learning more about my personal energy and its impact on my routines”.

“This opened my eyes to better realizing that when my energy level is low not to overschedule my activities”.

“I enjoyed taking the survey and doing the graphs to see my actual status and to be able to set more realistic goals”.

“I learned about my unique energy level and its impact on my mental health and physical health”.

“I was ashamed of my ATMS scores. But I learned that by accepting the present state of my mental illness, I could start to find ways to feel better. I plan to talk more about this understanding with my therapist”.

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